Below are some client testimonials that they have allowed us to share. We have many satisfied clients to date and hope that we can add you to that count.

Posted by E.H.:

“Attorney Demmel is a tremendous attorney. He is an advocate that will equitably weigh your needs. Jim wants what is legally feasible and attainable. Jim makes sure he understands the facts of your situation and explains the procedure of your legal route. His background in psychology allows him to have the unique ability to interact effectively with all parties involved. He made me feel like my case, and more importantly, my family, was important. He is worth EVERY penny. In my opinion, Jim is a trustworthy and kind man who genuinely cares about your interests, but also will ask guiding questions to help determine what’s best for ALL those involved (including children).

If you wish to avoid the gauntlet of going to court, Jim will negotiate and attempt to find an equitable medium thus saving you a lot of money. However, if the need arises (as it was in my case) that you must go before a judge, Attorney Demmel will be there to defend your rights and present your case in a professional manner. I pass his office every day I go to work, and every time I’m reminded of how he guided me through the most tumultuous and trying time of my life and protected my rights as a dad.

Jim Demmel = an attorney who cares.”

Posted by K.A.:

“I was looking for an ethical lawyer to help me with my child custody case and was referred to James Demmel by an attorney who knew him, and vouched for him being a good man who happens to also be a lawyer.

I worked with James on securing custody of my son (I’m the father; he’s lives with his mother 8 years). James listened to my case, agreed to work with me, did some paperwork and mailed it. He answered all questions expertly (he’s been doing this a long time), always got back to me the same day or next day on calls and emails, and genuinely cared about my case.

We were able to settle the issue quickly without incident (never even went to court) and I now have 100% custody of my son.”

Posted by D.H.

“Divorce is a very stressful time in one’s life. You hear so many things from anyone and everyone willing to offer you advice.  Many of these things can be scary and usually are based upon fear not facts.  I was very nervous about the entire system and what would be involved.  I was looking for someone to explain it to me in simple terms and clearly. I wanted all my questions answered no matter how strange they may have seemed, without judgment.  I contacted Jim Demmel, met with him, and quickly realized he was the right person to help me through these decisions and the process in as easy a manner as possible. He never pushed me. He listened and explained the system and the law.  He dispelled any of the rumors I had heard, while not trying to play down the facts and the law.  I needed someone who would work with me, while working for me, and I found the right person in Jim! He did not sugarcoat anything. He simply explained the law and what was needed each step of the way, without any false realities.

I hope that no one ever has to go through a divorce, but if you do need an advocate, Jim is the right person.”

Posted by P.K.:

“I am grateful I found Jim Demmel to assist me and give me advice during my divorce process.  Right from the beginning, he was calm, patient and understanding that this was a very difficult time for me.  He let me know my options and answered all my questions.   Even when I chose to relocate out of state, he continued to work as my lawyer and continue with the divorce process.  He was exceptional at keeping me updated and was quick to respond whenever I had any questions or concerns.  Thank you for all that you did Jim!  I greatly appreciated all you did for me.”

Posted by M. F.:

“I was referred to Jim Demmel by a mediator for assistance with my divorce.  From the first meeting, Jim was committed to the process of mediation and in keeping the divorce proceedings as amicable as possible.  I found him to be knowledgeable, level-headed, and compassionate, especially during times when I was approaching the situation from an emotional perspective.  He listened to me closely and helped me to make difficult decisions about my personal and financial concerns. He helped me to make decisions about my family’s future with patience and an open-mind, having the unique ability to help me take perspective when necessary.  My divorce has since finalized and, following its completion, I asked Jim to draw up my will and end of life documents.  Again, I found him to be thorough and empathic.  I am very thankful he was my attorney and would highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.“

Posted by M.S.:

“Mr. Jim Demmel was my attorney for a divorce and I highly commend him. I would hire Jim again for anything that is within his legal scope of expertise. The attorney that represented me prior to Jim was disbarred. That created a problem to get an attorney to do an excellent job, yet take over someone else’s work. I asked around for a solid and honest lawyer. Knowing mine was disbarred, it was critical that I get a new attorney who was well respected by the courts. I felt lucky to have been referred to Jim. I was fortunate Mr. Demmel was willing to represent me, especially since other attorneys did not want to take over a case in the middle of it. There were timelines involved. A job, I admit, that was not a walk in the park.

Mr. Demmel was able to get my ex-husband and his attorney to finally settle out of court.  Jim was kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable of the law. In fact, he was able to bring to light a major financial component in my favor that was missed by my former attorney.

There were times I needed to share some embarrassing and unusual concerns regarding my long term marriage of decades, which ultimately led to my filing for a divorce.  Mr. Demmel always remained calm and never showed judgement.

I cannot stress enough of the professionalism, kindness, and forth-right of Mr. Demmel.  He was able to get a maximum fair settlement, without having the judge to make the final decision. Yet, there were a few occasions that he challenged the opposing attorney and we did have testimony, which worked out well for me.

I hold no reservation in strongly encouraging others to hire or consult with Mr. Demmel.  If you are at a crossroads and not certain, feel free to give Mr. Demmel your phone number and I will call you if I can be of further help. Otherwise, I choose to be anonymous for obvious reasons. Dr. M.S.”

Posted by K.C.:

“Attorney Demmel handled my case with the utmost professionalism.  He returned my phone calls and emails promptly, answered my questions, and provided me with different options unique to my case.  His legal advice was delivered in a way that made a difficult time much easier.  Meredith, the legal assistant, was also very professional and helpful.  My case was resolved in an expeditious manner and I felt my interests were protected. I highly recommend Attorney Demmel for family law matters and would certainly retain his law firm to represent me in future matters.”

Posted by R. M.:

“I was on the internet looking for a lawyer who could help tailor my last will and testament . I stumbled upon Atty. James Demmel’s name . I was impressed by his credentials and his educational background. I was very happy with his work by helping me write the draft . He is efficient, professional, and personable. His staff is helpful and his office is conveniently near me . I like to recommend him to my friends / relatives.”

Posted by D.A.:

“I was referred to Jim through a family member for assistance in updating my will. It had to be done quickly because of an upcoming life event. Everything was handled in an extremely professional, courteous and most importantly, timely manner.  I would recommend Demmel Law Office for any legal needs you may have.”

Posted by T.D.:

“I had been telling myself and others what I wanted to occur when I die. I knew, though, that I needed to make get legal documents making those declarations legally official. When I searched for an estate lawyer who communicated professionally, I was lucky enough to find Jim Demmel’s law firm. After contacting him, I had an official will, living will, and a power of attorney created, signed, and notarized in about two months; it could have been faster probably but I took my time and made sure I was comfortable with my decisions. It is rare that I recommend any professional as strongly as I recommend Demmel Law Office.”

Posted by M.W.:

“One of the hardest challenges ever presented to me was a separation and subsequent divorce. Thankfully, Jim Demmel was my attorney. I was referred to him from a friend however, I interviewed a few attorneys before choosing him to represent me. Jim handled my separation and divorce in expert fashion. He was super knowledgeable, responsive, professional yet personable, accessible, and always, and I truly mean always, on top of things. These qualities were essential and important to me going through this process. It was clear that Jim’s experience and knowledge provided intangible benefits throughout the divorce settlement. This resulted in an efficient, effective, and less stressful divorce enabling me to close a painful chapter in my life. His work directly contributed to a more fulfilling and happier life sooner than I could have imagined. This ultimately benefitted my family which was most important to me. I recommend Jim Demmel for your divorce process and will be working with him in the near future to create my estate documents.”

Posted by H.J.:

“I used Jim Demmel and Demmel Law Office for my divorce and child custody case. Attorney Demmel was always available to answer any questions I had along the way. He and his assistant Meredith made this process seamless. I was so happy with the way my case was handled that I had him complete my estate planning documents as well. I would definitely return to Jim Demmel and Demmel Law Office with any future legal needs.”

Posted by G.O.:

“From first contact and throughout the entire process Mr. Demmel and his staff maintained the upmost professionalism in dealing with my divorce. They provided routine communications, advice and follow ups even when the opposing party continuously delayed in every effort. Mr. Demmel was very up front, no speculating, always exact facts and steadfast on reaching my demands. A very dedicated, high integrity team that made the overall process a bit more painless. A Divorce is not something I’d wish on anyone, however, Mr. Demmel and his staff, through their compassion and professional attitude are highly recommended if you find yourself in need of for a professional and caring attorney.”

Posted by J.M.:

“Jim is an extremely competent family law attorney. His extensive experience allows him to understand both the technical and practical aspects of family law issues to a level of detail that uniquely benefits his clients. Jim always responded to me in a timely, concise, and even-keeled manner. I strongly recommend his services for family law matters.”

Posted by J.P. & B.P.:

“My husband and I knew we were behind on setting up our will and estate plan after we had our first child. Luckily, Jim was referred to us by another couple who had used his services and were very happy with the outcome. We reached out to Jim immediately and he got right back to us and was willing to help. Jim was very patient with us and helped us develop all the documents we needed. He was able to clearly explain each aspect and helped us think about the decisions we wanted to make. Although estate planning can be a difficult task, Jim made it as easy as possible for us and gave us great peace of mind by completing our estate plan and associated documents for us. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for these services.”

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