Using the Domestic Relations Rules

The Domestic Relations child and spousal support guidelines deserve special mention here. Talk about a one-size-fits-all (or none) solution! The PA support guidelines are based on both parents’ net monthly incomes, with virtually no consideration for the parents’ or children’s...[Continue reading]

Concerns for Same-Sex Couples

In Pennsylvania, same-sex couples face unique legal challenges because even if they consider themselves a married couple, they are not legally allowed to marry. Even same-sex couples who are legally married in a different state are not recognized as a...[Continue reading]

Midnuptial Agreements

What is a midnuptial agreement? It’s an agreement entered into in the middle of a marriage. A prenuptial agreement is before a marriage, a postnuptial agreement is after a marriage has ended and a midnuptial agreement is during a marriage....[Continue reading]

Lawyers as Problem-Solvers

Lawyers have been called countless names over the years, many of which are unflattering. Family lawyers, or divorce lawyers, have some labels reserved specifically for them. Lawyers describe themselves in many different ways, also. Some want to be seen as...[Continue reading]

Deciding What is Fair

I firmly believe that the parties involved in a conflict are best able to determine a fair outcome. This includes couples dealing with divorce, siblings dividing a bag of candy, neighbors arguing about noise, etc. The basis of the “fairness”...[Continue reading]