What am I Entitled to?

A lot of clients come to me with the overall question of “What am I entitled to?” In most cases, they mean “What can I expect the financial outcome to be if I get divorced?” and I can appreciate their...[Continue reading]

A Recent Project

I recently had the pleasure of creating a podcast with John Gavazzi, PsyD. John is a psychologist and we recorded the podcast for use by psychologists, but it has tremendous potential for non-psychologists also. Here are two different links to...[Continue reading]

Infidelity and Divorce

I initially titled this post “Divorce and Adultery” but changed it because “adultery” has a specific meaning in the PA Divorce Code and I wasn’t talking about just that specific meaning. When I talk about infidelity, I’m talking about a...[Continue reading]

Lawyers as Problem-Solvers

Lawyers have been called countless names over the years, many of which are unflattering. Family lawyers, or divorce lawyers, have some labels reserved specifically for them. Lawyers describe themselves in many different ways, also. Some want to be seen as...[Continue reading]