I recently had the pleasure of creating a podcast with John Gavazzi, PsyD. John is a psychologist and we recorded the podcast for use by psychologists, but it has tremendous potential for non-psychologists also. Here are two different links to the podcast:



It’s a 55 minute question and answer discussion of the basics of divorce, including some substantive law from the PA Divorce Code and some discussion of the different processes people can use to work through divorce or other family conflicts. It’s like a free seminar with lots of valuable information, available for anyone who wants to download it!

If you’re looking for information about divorce, the collaborative process, mediation and litigation and you would rather listen to a podcast than read about it, this is perfect for you. I would love to get some feedback about this from listeners/readers.

The details of this information could easily fill hours of time, so we stuck to the basics. John and I have already discussed creating another, similar podcast about parenting arrangements (otherwise known as custody), so hopefully that will be forthcoming in the future.

If you know me or have read much of what I’ve written, you know I want my clients to make informed decisions. For that reason, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to educate people about these issues, even if I may never speak with them in person.

I’d like to thank John Gavazzi again for including me in his podcast project.