I cannot be all things to all people and will not try to do so.  The practice of law is a huge field and it takes years of practice, after finishing law school, to be competent in a single area of law.  I don’t want to simply be competent.  I want to give my clients the best advice, representation and service that I possibly can.  That means knowing as much as possible about the areas in which I practice.  Therefore, I have limited my areas of practice to family law, estate planning and estate administration.  Just as I limit the geographical extent of my practice to central Pennsylvania, including York, Hershey, Harrisburg, Carlisle and surrounding communities, to provide the best service possible to my clients, I also limit my practice areas in order to provide better service.

Even within the areas of family law and estate planning I limit my areas of practice.  I help clients resolve divorce, distribution of property, financial decisions (child/spousal support and alimony) and parenting arrangements (child custody).  I prepare and review prenuptial, midnuptial and postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.  I offer my clients different problem-solving approaches, including mediation, the collaborative law process and litigation (court).  However, there are other areas in which I do not get involved, including Protection from Abuse (PFA) actions and adoptions.

I provide estate planning services, such as preparing Wills, Healthcare Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, General Powers of Attorney, Trusts and related documents.  I will also handle the administration of estates upon an individual’s death.  However, I do not give asset protection or wealth management advice.  There are other financial experts with a far greater depth of understanding of those issues who can better advise my clients and I will refer clients to those experts for advice.

Although I have some knowledge of many different areas of the law and can identify potential problems, I prefer to send clients or potential clients to a trusted colleague with more knowledge in certain areas if I am not confident that I can provide the best representation.  Some attorneys practice in many different areas and may consider themselves “generalists.”  I am not disparaging them or comparing my practice to theirs.

If you live or work in the central Pennsylvania area, including Carlisle, Harrisburg, Hershey and surrounding communities and would like to discuss any family law or estate planning or administration issue, please contact me.