What am I Entitled to?

A lot of clients come to me with the overall question of “What am I entitled to?” In most cases, they mean “What can I expect the financial outcome to be if I get divorced?” and I can appreciate their...[Continue reading]

A Recent Project

I recently had the pleasure of creating a podcast with John Gavazzi, PsyD. John is a psychologist and we recorded the podcast for use by psychologists, but it has tremendous potential for non-psychologists also. Here are two different links to...[Continue reading]

Counseling and Divorce

I believe everyone going through a divorce should talk with a mental health professional. Psychologist, therapist, social worker, take your pick. I don’t think I’m overreacting. This is a huge, life-changing event and it’s different from other life-changing events, like...[Continue reading]

Divorce and Privacy

I believe that most people want their private lives to be private. That includes their divorces. I haven’t conducted any formal research on the subject, but I’ve represented many people going through divorce over the years and have found very...[Continue reading]

Divorce and Business Owners

Business owners have additional concerns in divorce. Among those concerns are keeping your business healthy financially and personally, keeping business information confidential and keeping business decisions within the control of the owners. No business owner wants a divorce to negatively...[Continue reading]